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► 19:01

can you help me cum?

hot brunette needs help orgasming

Runtime: 19:01

Source: spankwire
Categories: amateur, blowjob, brunette, hardcore

► 5:11

Toying and cumming with my helpful boyfriend

After My boyfriend caught me fingering, he grabbed his handycam, my dildo, and helped me with my masturbation. What a great orgasm !

Runtime: 5:11

Source: xhamster
Categories: amateur, masturbation, toys

► 7:46

Latina teen with Natural Big tits helps herself

Cute Isabel. Oiling her natural huge titls, toying her pussy, in front of her filming friend, till she gets an intense orgasm.

Runtime: 7:46

Source: xhamster
Categories: big tits, latin, masturbation

► 6:01

These Women get a Little Help from our Camera Man

Our camera man is frequently asked to help some of our girls get off, and he happily obliges! Watch as Ayla get's dripping wet, Paige's pussy pulsates and spasms with her orgasm, and much more.

Runtime: 6:01

Source: xhamster
Categories: handjob

► 4:24

Beach Orgasm

Couple makes out and gets hot and one thing leads to another. He eats her and she helps until she has a raging orgasm. Shot on a public beach a very long time ago.

Runtime: 4:24

Source: xhamster
Categories: amateur, masturbation

► 15:00

Intense Dildo And Oil Orgasm

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Runtime: 15:00

Source: xhamster
Categories: amateur, teen, toys

► 9:03

My wifes orgasm ( I love her )

Perfect view on my wifes beautiful wet gaping pussy. I help her with toying. Hear how she cums, see how she cums.

Runtime: 9:03

Source: xhamster
Categories: amateur, masturbation, toys

► 5:16

Patrica, Toying with little help of hubby

It gives me such a thrill, to show the world my orgasm. Fucking my own pussy with my dildo, my hubby helping me a little bit.

Runtime: 5:16

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation, toys

► 7:37

Tammie Lee Orgasm

Tammie is tied to the wooden slats and a magic wand down her panties, watcvh as she screams for help.

Runtime: 7:37

Source: xhamster
Categories: teen

► 5:25

My masturbation and orgasm on the couch

Aurdrey, 41 years Milf . A Free Monday. Fucking myself with a dildo on the couch. In my stockins and on high heels. So now and then hubby helps me. Great orgasm.

Runtime: 5:25

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation, mature, toys

► 10:46

The Camera Mans Orgasm Magic

The camera man loves to help women reach orgasm. And this time he has the help of Emma C. too. Watch as he works Kandie-Luv, Jess West and Columbia to orgasm.

Runtime: 10:46

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation, pov, hairy

► 45:25

One lucky girl - orgasms and orgasms

A guy gets to help a beautiful girl to get lots of orgasms.

Runtime: 45:25

Source: xhamster
Categories: amateur

► 12:49

Scarlett March Hands On Orgasms

Scarlett March first tried masturbating to orgasm, but really needed some help. After the camera man stepped in, she had numerous pussy pulsating orgasms.

Runtime: 12:49

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation

► 9:09

Professor Orgasm Helps Carmen Bunny Get Off

Carmen Bunny tried masturbating to orgasm but just could not get there. So she asked the camera man to help, and then just could not get enough!

Runtime: 9:09

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation, milf

► 8:46

Kiana Kraze Orgasms Twice with HandsOn Help

Kiana Kraze starts out masturbating solo, but then wants a little extra. She gets the hands on treatment that brings her to pussy pulsing orgasms twice.

Runtime: 8:46

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation, teen

► 8:12

MILF with Snapping Pussy Orgasms Squirts with Hands On Help

Stephanie gets herself all aroused with an erotic book, then asks the camera man for help getting off. He obliges and her orgasm is so strong that she squirts.

Runtime: 8:12

Source: xhamster
Categories: masturbation, milf, hd porn

► 12:07

Lesbian gynecologist helpes her patient to reach orgasm

Lesbian gyno doctor teaches her sexy patient how to reach orgasms

Runtime: 12:07

Source: xhamster
Categories: hardcore, toys

► 8:12

MILF with Snapping Pussy Orgasms Surprise Squirt with Hands On Help

Stephanie got herself aroused by reading an erotic book then asked the camera man for a little help. He stimulated her clit until she had a strong pussy snapping orgasms so powerful that it made her ejacualate.

Runtime: 8:12

Source: tube8
Categories: masturbation, mature, milf

► 8:46

Kiana Kraze Orgasms Twice with HandsOn Help

Kiana Kraze starts out masturbating solo, but then wants a little extra. She gets the hands on treatment that brings her to pussy pulsing orgasms twice.

Runtime: 8:46

Source: tube8
Categories: masturbation, teen

► 6:00

Helping Girls Have Pussy Pulsing Orgasms

During our film shoots, many of the girls get so horny that they ask for help from the camera man. He gladly masturbates their clits until they have strong pussy pulsing orgasms.

Runtime: 6:00

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur

► 9:29

Samantha Bentley Made to Orgasm

Samantha Bentley loved the idea of someone else making her cum, and the cameraman was only happy to help. He brings her to several pussy pulsing orgasms.

Runtime: 9:29

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur

► 21:47

Korean girl masturbating and gets help

Asian tiny teen gets a good orgasm with some help

Runtime: 21:47

Source: tube8
Categories: asian, teen, toys, hairy

► 12:49

Scarlett March Needs Help to Orgasm

Scarlett March first trying to masturbate to orgasm, but then she decided that she needed some help. The camera man was more than happy to help and that did the trick. Scarlett could not get enough and had orgasm after pulsating orgasm.

Runtime: 12:49

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur, masturbation

► 5:50

Hot Blonde Teen Invites Friend Over For Help But He Wants Pussy

Hot blonde teen girl invites her boyfriends friend over for help. All he wants to do is have her suck his big cock and fuck her tight pussy until they both orgasm.

Runtime: 5:50

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur

► 4:53

Two Hot Lesbians Reaching Orgasm

Sexy lesbians help each other reach orgasm.

Runtime: 4:53

Source: tube8
Categories: blonde, brunette, lesbian, pussy licking

► 10:46

How to Make Women Orgasm

During our female orgasm video shoots, many of the girls want a little help to make them cum. And our camera man is very happy to help, stimulating them until they explode in pussy pulsating, clit hopping orgasms.

Runtime: 10:46

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur, masturbation

► 6:59

Hot Brunette Teen Fucks Sugar Daddy For Help With Bills

Hot brunette teen with small tits finds herself a big cocked sugar daddy who loves to fuck her tight pussy and give her multiple orgasms and even an allowance.

Runtime: 6:59

Source: tube8
Categories: hardcore

► 5:56

Gorgeous Busty Mom Veronica Avluv Helps Guy With Women and Fucks

Veronica Avluv is a sexy busty MILF in the kitchen and she helps one of her sons friends with girls, and shows him how to fuck a girl to make her scream from intense orgasms.

Runtime: 5:56

Source: tube8
Categories: mature, milf

► 12:37

Horny Little Hottie has Seven Orgasms

Kiana Kraze is really orgasm crazy. She has seven real orgasms during our shoot including two with help from the camera man. A neat little scene is watching her put her clit ring back after it falls out while she is masturbating solo.

Runtime: 12:37

Source: tube8
Categories: blonde, masturbation, teen

► 4:04

Dripping Wet Pussies Made to Orgasm

These girls really wanted the camera man to help them get off. He really didn't mind and you can see just how much they liked it judging by how drenched they got. Their pussies are literally dripping wet, and their orgasms were really very strong.

Runtime: 4:04

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur

► 2:30

Man helps in pleasuring a horny Asian's pussy

Horny Asian in pantyhose wants a man's help in order for her to get her pussy masturbated and reach orgasm fast

Runtime: 2:30

Source: tube8
Categories: asian, masturbation

► 6:20

Orgasms, Orgasm Denial and more

The camera man is sometimes asked to help the girls get off and he happily obliges. Watch as he brings Evey Kristal, Jess West, Anna, Elizabeth Lawrence and others to wet, pussy pulsating orgasms.

Runtime: 6:20

Source: tube8
Categories: masturbation

► 8:20

Powerful female orgasm

Ariel helps her girlfriend Zuzana have an intense, powerful orgasm with her favourite toy until she is shaking, trembling, wet, and laying with a smile on her face.

Runtime: 8:20

Source: tube8
Categories: lesbian, redhead, toys

► 10:00

Toy gives her intense orgasm

Zuzana has an intense orgasms as her girlfriend helps her with her favourite buzzing vibrator with clitoral stimulation.

Runtime: 10:00

Source: tube8
Categories: lesbian, redhead, toys

► 6:06

BLonde MILF help guy with orgasm

BLonde MILF help guy with reaching an orgasm by sucking and jerking him

Runtime: 6:06

Source: tube8
Categories: big dick, big tits, blowjob, mature, milf

► 5:06

Two blonde Lesbians having intense Orgasms with Strapon in the As

Two blonde euro lezzies caress each other until they get very intense orgasms with the help of a strapon and vibrator in the ass

Runtime: 5:06

Source: tube8
Categories: anal, blonde, lesbian, teen, toys

► 5:03

Lesbian teenies get to orgasm with strapon and vibrator

Two increadibly horny teen lezzies make it to orgasm helped by a strapon and vibrator

Runtime: 5:03

Source: tube8
Categories: lesbian, teen, toys

► 5:02

This babe has never felt huge orgasm

Let us help this sexy cutie to learn more about the true female orgasm and squirting...she is opened for various experiments with her nasty pussy...

Runtime: 5:02

Source: tube8
Categories: hardcore, shaved, teen

► 7:20

Busty blonde amateur getting helping hand from her husband so she

Husband helping his sexy busty blonde wife have an orgasm by fucking her pussy with a dildo while she is fingering her swollen clit

Runtime: 7:20

Source: tube8
Categories: amateur, big tits, blonde, masturbation

► 12:00

Coed Sybian Orgasm

Young Hazel orgasms for the very first time (!) with help from the Sybian.

Runtime: 12:00

Source: empflix
Categories: amateur, masturbation, redhead, teen, toys

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